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Working with Self-Leveling Underlayments Continued


                                                            The working time varies from eight to 10 minutes
                                                            depending on temperature. While this does not seem
                                                            like much time, it is more than adequate to spread and
                                                            smooth the area. For example, a three-person crew can
                                                            cover about 1.500 sq. ft. per hour without any difficulty,
                                                            while hand mixing.

        Immediately after the mixing process is completed, pour
        the mix onto the floor and move the mix with a spreader
        to obtain a uniform thickness. The spreader is a stand
        up, handheld device that can be set to apply the desired,
        even thickness of the underlayment over the substrate.

                                                            For large installations, self-leveling underlayments can
                                                            be pumped. The pump will control the critical water-to-
                                                            powder mixture and allow for faster installation. A three-
                                                            person crew can easily do 7,000 sq. ft. per hour.

                                                             About the Author:
                                                             Ray D. Thompson, Jr. is a consultant and
                                                             trainer with experience in all aspects of
                                                             resilient and wood flooring installation.
                                                             He has been in the industry for 52 years
                                                             serving as Armstrong World Industries
                                                             senior field technical specialist – concrete
                                                             and resilient testing projects, plus consultant
                             Spreading                       to Sea-Pac Sales, University of Washington,
                                                             American Plywood Association, Floor Seal
        This smoother is a hand-held device used in the final   Technology, Sinak and Stego Industries. Ray has expertise in
        smoothing by removing the spreader marks, footprints   developing testing projects, specs, troubleshooting, and claims
        and all irregularities.                              resolution.

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